As of 3 May 2015

Floating 6.75%
6 Months 5.80%
1 Year 5.99%
1 Year (>20% Deposit) 5.59%
18 Months 5.99%
2 Years 5.99%
2 Years (>20% Deposit) 5.39%
3 Years 6.39%
3 Years (>20% Deposit) 5.39%
4 Years 6.39%
5 Years 6.49%
5 Years (>20% Deposit) 5.65%

Through NewBuild I was offered the best interest rate, a great insurance deal and exceptional service. You can’t ask for more! Thank you to Ian Webb [and the NewBuild Team] who offered a genuine, trustworthy and down to earth service. Despite being a first time build client, the team made me feel valued and gave me a great deal of guidance. The company I built with commented that NewBuild is their preferred finance company as they offer an excellent product and are extremely easy to work with. I have had a first class experience and I look forward to using NewBuild next time I build!

Elizabeth Thomas Global Marketing Manager | Bendon Limited
(Completed with Jennian Homes)