As of 7 October 2015

Floating 6.00%
6 Months 4.99%
1 Year 4.35%
18 Months 4.69%
2 Years 4.69%
3 Years 4.79%
4 Years 4.99%
5 Years 5.09%
Different rates may apply for less than 20% deposit or equity (special rates may be withdrawn without notice) Additional NewBuild floating rate discount for construction loans. Cash contributions may also be offered for higher deposit customers

When we decided to build, we went to our bank and did all the things that we had to do to meet their criteria. Drew confirmed with the bank that there would be no problems with the loan. They advised that all was good and we had heaps of equity if needed.

We got half way through the build and it was time to make the 3rd of our progressive payments, I contacted our bank and was told that they could not do the payment as the value of the house at the time did not meet their criteria (the house had a roof on it & the bricks were going on it in two days).

This period was extremely stressful and we were being forced to contemplate walking away from our half finished dream. We spoke to the personal banker reminding them that when we first started this they advised that there would be no issues with money/equity for the progressive payments. We were told "sorry" but they can do nothing for us.

So there we were in a bit of a pickle, we were living onsite in a caravan with a half built house. After much crying I called Platinum Homes [our builder] to advise them of our crisis.  They immediately put us onto NewBuild.  

We meet with Ian Webb and within one week it was all back on track and we are now in our lovely new (fully built) home.

If it wasn’t for Ian Webb from NewBuild we would not have been able to make our dream come true.


Heather Stewart and Andrew Overdevest
(Completed with Platinum Homes)