As of 30 November 2015

Floating 6.00%
6 Months 4.85%
1 Year 4.39%
18 Months 4.49%
2 Years 4.49%
3 Years 4.49%
4 Years 4.99%
5 Years 5.09%
Different rates may apply for less than 20% deposit or equity (special rates may be withdrawn without notice) Additional NewBuild floating rate discount for construction loans. Cash contributions may also be offered for higher deposit customers

Hi Ian

We are over the moon with our HOME. Love saying that!  It has turned out beautifully.  It's been a long time coming but has been worth the wait and all of the trials and tribulations that we went through to get it off the ground have only served in the long run to make us appreciate it all the more.

Our sincere thanks for the work you put in to not only getting our loan approved but the constant communication and the words of encouragement when we doubted we would get there.  The way that you worked with Garry (Compass Homes) to get us into our HOME, we felt was both professional as well as personal.

We will definitely appreciate any advice and guidance on how to manage our loan effectively!!

Thanks again.


Paula and Steve Gardner
(Completed with Compass Homes (Waikato))