As of 11 February 2016

Floating 5.85%
6 Months 4.85%
1 Year 4.39%
18 Months 4.49%
2 Years 4.49%
3 Years 4.75%
4 Years 5.15%
5 Years 5.25%
Different rates may apply for less than 20% deposit or equity (special rates may be withdrawn without notice) Additional NewBuild floating rate discount for construction loans. Cash contributions may also be offered for higher deposit customers

Thank you so very much for all your help over the last few months. 

We had all but given up the idea of starting the building of our new home before we had sold our old one with our bank.  The process was just getting more and more stressful with each visit to our personal banker. We were then advised by my sister to go to Newbuild and that turned out to be the best advice we had had in a long time.  The difference is incredible and you have certainly made it a very painless experience.

It does seem strange and certainly the opposite to what I am used to, that we will have been able to complete the whole loan process without having met any of you in person.  It certainly hasn't been an obstacle in any way and I will definitely be recommending your services to anyone looking to build and wanting finance in the future.

Once again thank you very much for providing a much needed financial option.

Kind regards


Jenny and John Williams
(Completed with Jennian Homes)