As of 18 April 2015

Floating 6.75%
6 Months 5.80%
1 Year 5.99%
1 Year (>20% Deposit) 5.59%
18 Months 5.99%
18 months (>20% Deposit) 5.70%
2 Years 5.99%
2 Years (>20% Deposit) 5.39%
3 Years 6.39%
3 Years (>20% Deposit) 5.45%
4 Years 6.39%
4 Years (> 20% Deposit) 5.99%
5 Years 6.49%
5 Years (>20% Deposit) 5.65%

As a busy businessman, I found the building industry was not as straightforward as expected.  Then my builder went into liquidation before my home was completed....  It’s times like these you need to have someone who is actually on your side. 

Because NewBuild partner with you beyond the building contract, working with the lender, they have a strong vested interest in getting your home built for the right budget.

Key to the NewBuild approach is their market-savvy, they don’t hand your money over to builders unless they’ve done what they should have done.  This saved our bacon when our builder went into liquidation.  We went with one of the biggest and most reputable companies and never dreamed they would fail. 

I’m not sure our bank would have provided the level of expertise required to get us through the stressful predicament we found ourselves in.

Beyond this, NewBuild’s industry knowledge helped us immensely to navigate the period following the demise of our builder, when nobody wants to know you.  They steered us through the insurance issues and third party guarantee and protected our interests every step of the way.  This was one of the hardest times in my life and NewBuild were the only party that stood alongside us and got us through.  We’re now close to completing our family home.

Newbuild originally appealed because of convenience.  The reality is, even if I had the time I’d have been way out of my depth and far too inexperienced to handle the building industry when things do go wrong (as they sometimes do).  You need people on your side and while everyone will try to tell you they are, the reality is that their incentives are short term and not in alignment with your needs. 

Newbuild can make your life easier and save your bacon if it all goes really wrong.

Matt and Anna
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