As of 3 September 2015

Floating 6.25%
6 Months 4.99%
1 Year 4.69%
18 Months 4.69%
2 Years 4.89%
3 Years 4.99%
4 Years 5.29%
5 Years 5.39%
Different rates may apply for less than 20% deposit or equity (special rates may be withdrawn without notice) Additional NewBuild floating rate discount for construction loans. Legal contributions may also be offered for higher deposit customers

...We also have enjoyed working with you [Mark Bromely] and NewBuild! It is a rare thing to find good service in todays world, and you should pride yourself in being exceptional at the task! Again, thank you, and I look forward to building again sometime in the future, hopefully with you guys on board!

Megan & Jason Watene
(Completed with Benchmark Homes in Christchurch)