As of 30 January 2015

Floating 6.75%
6 Months 5.80%
1 Year 5.99%
1 Year (>20 deposit) 5.59%
18 Months 6.09%
18 months (>20% deposit) 5.70%
2 Years 6.09%
2 Years (>20% deposit) 5.55%
3 Years 6.39%
3 Years (>20% deposit) 5.59%
4 Years 6.39%
4 Years (> 20% Deposit) 5.99%
5 Years 6.49%
NewBuild floating rate discount may Applies. Additional discounts may apply for new and existing customers with greater than 20% deposit or equity (may be withdrawn without notice)

Hi Ian,

Thank you (Ian Webb) so much for all of your hard work in helping us turn our dream of owning a home into a reality.

You were so easy to work with, and made sure we understood what was happening.  You made things easy and straightforward, and in doing that made the entire process a lot less stressful.

I have recommended you to many of my friends and work colleagues already, and I will continue to recommend you because I know they will receive an excellent service.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you again sometime soon.

Rachael, Eric and Keira

Rachael, Eric and Keira
(Completed with Ascension Homes, Pokeno)