As of 23 October 2014

Floating 6.75%
6 Months 5.80%
1 Year 6.09%
18 Months 6.30%
2 Years 6.40%
3 Years 6.65%
4 Years 6.80%
5 Years 6.99%
NewBuild floating rate discount applies. Additional discounts may apply for new and existing customers with greater than 20% deposit or equity

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank yourself and the rest of the Newbuild team for making the construction process of our new home so easy. As you are aware, it is not that long ago that we built our previous home.  We did this process using a standard bank. The process was incredibly stressful as we were required to get constant updated valuations (at a cost of $400 per valuation). After each valuation there was the incredibly stressful wait to see if the valuation measured up to the banks expectations and whether they would draw down further funds to allow us to continue with the build process. This resulted in a very "stop start" kind of build.

With NewBuild it has all been incredibly painless and stress free. There has been no requirement for valuations throughout the process, our builders have dealt direct with NewBuild and the entire process has been seamless.

So, again thanks for everything.  We would definitely use NewBuild again and recommend it to anyone thinking to undertake a new home construction. 

Bronwyn Bindon
(Completed with Christchurch builder)