As of 21 April 2014

Floating 6.00%
6 Months 5.55%
1 Year 5.85%
18 Months 5.99%
2 Years 6.49%
3 Years 6.85%
4 Years 7.19%
5 Years 7.40%
80-95% LVR loan rates may apply. Additional discounts may apply for new and existing customers

I can fully recommend NewBuild's professionalism. The process... was very comforting and reassuring, from taking care of our daily financial management to inspections.[the NewBuild team] were able to show us the shortfalls which so often happen on new projects and to have contingencies in place if this did happen. I would use this process again if building. The home loan is also extremely competitive, fee free, and the advice we receive has saved us a lot of money already.
We thank Ian Webb [and the NewBuild team] for their assistance and look forward to doing more business in the near future.

David and Maria Overend
(Completed with Town and Country)