Ian Webb

  • Email: ian.webb@newbuild.co.nz
  • Phone : 0800 639 284 extn 214 (PA)
  • DDI: 09 414 6181 extn 214 (PA)
  • fax: 09 414 6191

Ian is owner and Managing Director of NewBuild. He has specialised in building finance for over 25 years, having written $1bn in home loans since 1991 and is one of NZ’s leading mortgage advisors.

Although Ian grew up in Northland, he started his career as a mortgage broker while doing his OE living in Indianapolis, Indiana in the early 1990′s. He quickly started designing mortgage products that were later adopted by Fannie Mae – the chartered regulator of mortgages in the US.

When Ian returned to NZ in 1997 he was involved with setting up In-store Banking, the precursor of today’s popular mall bank branches for ASB Bank. By 1999, he was again designing mortgage products. His focus was in construction lending and led to him founding NewBuild, partnering with Sovereign Home Loans, part of the ASB Group.

From 2008 until 2013, Ian was Mortgage Chair for the Professional Advisors Association (PAA).

“Financial services is a profession, and with better education and regulation, New Zealanders should grow in confidence that their investment, insurance or mortgage works for them – no surprises. Sound advice is the new competency our clients are seeking out”.

Ian maintains that working through a professional advisor can provide better advice through a level of independence rather than going directly to a bank company whose motivation is naturally their own profitability.

Ian and family live on their farm north of Auckland with his toys – a digger, bull dozer and tractor.

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