We enjoyed working with you NewBuild!

It is a rare thing to find good service in today's world, and you should pride yourself in being exceptional at the task!

Again, thank you, and we look forward to building again sometime in the future, hopefully with you guys on board!

Megan & Jason

Hi there John,

Thank you so much for all your help with this process. You all have made this process stress free and effortless.

We can't thank you and your team enough.

Esther and Michael

Karyn and I moved into our new house just over a week ago and wanted to thank you again for all your assistance in obtaining finance for the building process.

The whole NewBuild team has been fantastic throughout and the highest praise we can give is that during the whole process not once did we have to deal with the financial side of the project.

All monies were paid promptly and without issue. We are now in the midst of lots of unpacked boxes with some serious landscaping to keep us entertained. Thanks once again.

Dan and Karyn

We had all but given up the idea of starting the building of our new home before we had sold our old one with our bank.

The process was just getting more and more stressful with each visit to our personal banker.

We were then advised by my sister to go to Newbuild and that turned out to be the best advice we had had in a long time.

The difference is incredible and you have certainly made it a very painless experience.

Jenny and John

That [confirmation of our loan settlement] is very awesome and exciting news Karen. Thank you and your team very much for all the hard work and guidance through all of this, you have been amazing

Dave and Tracey

Hi John [and NewBuild team],

Ours has been a LONG process to get to where we are right now which, although less than ideal from a builder perspective, the NewBuild side of things has been flawless. 

Thank you all so much for all your practical, straight-up advice and professional attitude that has made it a pleasure to deal with NewBuild.

I’ve already started recommending you guys highly to people I know who are interested in building and will continue to do so as I cannot recommend you enough. 

I have 100% confidence that [Vanessa] will continue on with the very pleasant relationship we have with NewBuild through the efforts of everyone we’ve dealt with so far.  Onwards and upwards!


Susan and Neil

My wife, Shohre and I want to express our appreciation for the great professional service you have provided to us during last couple months to achieve our goals for building our new house. Many thanks for your patience and effort with us and we hope one day we will have you here in our new house.

We will advise of your finance to the our friends and you will be hear from them very soon.

 Many Thanks

Naser & Shohreh

Hi [ NewBuild Team],

We would like to thank you all for all the support, patience and care during the whole process. We are very happy, you turned our sitiation into a shining bright mode. Be richly blessed.


Freey & Virginia​

Dear NewBuild Team,

Thank you again for all of your help, guidance and support through what has been a very new experience for me not knowing anything about applying for a mortgage let alone one for building a new house.

You have made the process so much easier and less stressful, your knowledge and expertise in the finance of building new homes and knowledge in general has been absolutely amazing and unforgettable.

I would just like to point out that you make the banks look way out of touch with what customers need when building a new home - you guys really know what you're on about and what your clients need.

Anyhow, this isn't the end yet so I look forward to dealing with Vanessa whilst our new home is being built!

Have a great day!

Many Thanks,

Jess & Jase

Good morning Ian,

Cameron has been absolutely amazing and should he be able to work his magic with obtaining more than our current per approval, then we would be happy to look at making use of a bit more but we would like to keep our mortgage as small as possible. 

But also have a home that is going to work for our needs.

We are super excited and eagerly looking forward to hearing back from Cameron in due course.

Take care  Keep safe.

Kindest regards

Lynn [and Johann]

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