Karyn and I moved into our new house just over a week ago and wanted to thank you again for all your assistance in obtaining finance for the building process.

The whole NewBuild team has been fantastic throughout and the highest praise we can give is that during the whole process not once did we have to deal with the financial side of the project.

All monies were paid promptly and without issue. We are now in the midst of lots of unpacked boxes with some serious landscaping to keep us entertained. Thanks once again.

Dan and Karyn

Good day [John]

Thanks for your email and excellent guidance, We confirm our limit to be changed to be in the 80% slot and get rid of the low equity excess interest rates.

Appreciate your help with this and we thank you for you  pro active and professional approach in helping us with our mortgage so wisely.

We are lucky that NewBuild is looking after us and has been really helpful all this time.

Kind Regards

Vivek S

Hi Ian,
Al and I just wanted to touch base and let you know that we think you are fantastic,  you have helped us through so much.  We couldn't have done any of it without you!  You can count on us to always be loyal clients, friends, and we will never stop singing your praises.

Thank you for everything!

Bon and Al

We had an idea to build a new home with a granny flat attached, but we were novices in this process and with the help of Ian Webb [and the NewBuild team] we are now sitting in our lovely new home.

We had many hurdles and bumps to climb when building our new home, which included our first builder going bust, and every time a large hurdle came our way, Ian [NewBuild] was there to smooth it all out .

The enormous support throughout our new home building project was overwhelming and we will continue to use New Build for all of our future new home building projects.

Big thanks to Ian [and the NewBuild team], you guys are the greatest.

Dallas and Jemma

Hi John & Team

Hope you are all well. Just to update you on the progress of the build. We are pleased with the progress so far. Everything is progressing very well. We had our first walk through with the project manager David last week Monday and another walk through on Monday this week with the electrician. We also got to meet the contractors that were on site. It's amazing to see the home coming to life!!!

We are thankful and will continue to be so for the wonderful support we received and continue to receive from you and whole of the Newbuild team. We are taking pictures and hope to share them with you in the future.

Hope you have a wonderful week & weekend to you all and your families.

Kind regards

Ndaba, Emelda and family

Thanks very much, and thank you for everything you have done to get us to this point, we really appreciate it.

This is so exciting, and life changing for us and we are so grateful to NewBuild for giving us this opportunity and we can’t thank you enough.


Daren and Julie James

Hi [ NewBuild Team],

We would like to thank you all for all the support, patience and care during the whole process. We are very happy, you turned our sitiation into a shining bright mode. Be richly blessed.


Freey & Virginia​

We enjoyed working with you NewBuild!

It is a rare thing to find good service in today's world, and you should pride yourself in being exceptional at the task!

Again, thank you, and we look forward to building again sometime in the future, hopefully with you guys on board!

Megan & Jason

Good morning Ian,

Cameron has been absolutely amazing and should he be able to work his magic with obtaining more than our current per approval, then we would be happy to look at making use of a bit more but we would like to keep our mortgage as small as possible. 

But also have a home that is going to work for our needs.

We are super excited and eagerly looking forward to hearing back from Cameron in due course.

Take care  Keep safe.

Kindest regards

Lynn [and Johann]

Dear Ian (and NewBuild Team),

We have really enjoyed working with your team from start to finish. We appreciated you, in particular, listening to our story and then helping provide the steps we needed to take in order to make our build happen almost a year prior.

With your team handling the construction loan meant we could form relationship with our builder and project manager which really made the whole process seamless.

Tom and Anna

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