I would like to take this opportunity though to thank you and the NewBuild team for the amazing service and interactions we’ve had with you over the last almost 2 years.  Really appreciate your highly responsive and supportive approach to us.  Having built a house in South Africa, I cannot begin to tell you what a completely different experience this has been and you and your team have made is virtually painless.  We will absolutely be recommending you to everyone we know!


Susan and Neil

Good morning Ian,

Cameron has been absolutely amazing and should he be able to work his magic with obtaining more than our current per approval, then we would be happy to look at making use of a bit more but we would like to keep our mortgage as small as possible. 

But also have a home that is going to work for our needs.

We are super excited and eagerly looking forward to hearing back from Cameron in due course.

Take care  Keep safe.

Kindest regards

Lynn [and Johann]

As new-comers to the property market, it was important that we found a knowledgeable and trustworthy advisor who we could work through to help the build run as smoothly as possible.

Once we met our local NewBuild advisor, it was clear that they had the best systems in place for construction loans.

Once our loan was approved there was very little we needed to do. NewBuild liaised directly with our builder and the progress payments were made straight to them. The Advisor's help did not stop after the house had been finished and he continues to advise us about the structure of our loan and how best to pay it off quickly.

We are a young couple who many would not expect to be living in a brand new home. NewBuild, and their relationship with out builder, were significant factors in getting us to the position we are in now. We will definitely use NewBuild again for any future projects, and would strongly advise other young people considering building to speak with their local NewBuild advisor.

Brendon and Lara

Hi John and the whole team,

We are extremely impressed on your great service. Me and Marc are grateful to choose New Build for our new home. We couldn't be happier. Thanks to all your effort. We will indeed take heaps photos!

Will definitely recommend you to all our friends. You are a champ!


Czarina and Marc

Dear Ian (and NewBuild Team),

We have really enjoyed working with your team from start to finish. We appreciated you, in particular, listening to our story and then helping provide the steps we needed to take in order to make our build happen almost a year prior.

With your team handling the construction loan meant we could form relationship with our builder and project manager which really made the whole process seamless.

Tom and Anna

Thanks again for everyone’s help we really appreciate it.

It’s is definitely a very exciting time for us and feel extremely blessed to be in a position to move into our own home in a few months time.

You guys went the extra mile for us and we appreciate it, a big thank you to Ian as he was fighting hard to get us this loan and we very grateful for all he has done.

Thanks a million times.

We will come and meet you guys soon.


Sid and Elmarie

Thanks so much Ian.

We are so grateful to have NewBuild help us with trying to make our dream come true. You have been amazing.

Everyone we have had contact with has just been incredible. [John] at the moment is such a blessing, I would feel completely lost without him. He was so amazing at helping us find another builder once [our first builder] couldn't get costs and so put us on to [a Preferred Builder] and the consultant there has been amazing too.

I like how you used the work magical to describe this build as that is exactly how I feel about it too!

Fingers crossed it all goes ok and we get to make this magic happen

Have a great day

Rebecca and Neil

Let me take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of your team for a very hassle fee process throughout the duration of our build. You guys did a magnificent job!!!

Kind regards,

Noreen and Leopoldo

We had an idea to build a new home with a granny flat attached, but we were novices in this process and with the help of Ian Webb [and the NewBuild team] we are now sitting in our lovely new home.

We had many hurdles and bumps to climb when building our new home, which included our first builder going bust, and every time a large hurdle came our way, Ian [NewBuild] was there to smooth it all out .

The enormous support throughout our new home building project was overwhelming and we will continue to use New Build for all of our future new home building projects.

Big thanks to Ian [and the NewBuild team], you guys are the greatest.

Dallas and Jemma

To Ian, Marilize and the NewBuild Team,

Thank you so much!

You've worked so hard for us, especially on our most recent application and we REALLY appreciate how hard you fought for us when mere mortals would have given up.

Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas

Becky and Adam

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