Monica Webb

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Monica has over 25 years of experience in financial service, both in New Zealand and in the United States.  She has been a member of the NewBuild team since in 2001.  For the past 23 years, Monica has overseen the administration of NewBuild, including daily management of builder payments, existing client service and legal obligations.  Monica is a qualified as a Financial Adviser, adding further depth of knowledge and skill to the NewBuild management team.

Monica cites her belief in the value of individual home ownership as one of the key elements that has motivated her over the years.  She has seen first-hand the positive impact a new home has on a family’s well-being as well as giving them financial security.  In her role managing the builder payments she has the pleasure of making that final payment and telling the clients they can move into their new home. That feeling of excitement never gets old.

On a personal note, Monica holds a Master of Arts in History and is a keen student of New Zealand and Pacific history.

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