Taking Possession Of Your New Home

Completion-taking-possession1 You must ensure your house is safe to enter before moving in.

There is often a lot of uncertainty around when home owners can take possession of their new home. While you may be eager to get inside, there are a few boxes which will need to be ticked first. Without doing this you may be putting yourself in both physical and financial risk.

What to do before taking possession:

  1. Reconcile your final account with your builder – See: Receiving your final statement from your builder for further information.
  2. Obtain your code of compliance & valuer's certificate
  3. Ensure your builder has provided a clear council inspection, showing you that your home has passed.

How NewBuild can help:

We ensure that no stone is left unturned, and that all of the correct procedures have taken place to ensure that your home gets its crucial code of compliance certificate (CCC). If this is not obtained, your home’s value drops dramatically.

For further information, see our article: When is it okay to take possession?