Building – Made Easy (and more affordable than ever)


Would you expect to buy a used car for about the same price as a brand new car? 

So why would you buy a used home when a new home is comparable in price?

There were reasons in the past that made building a brand new home quite difficult, but with NewBuild, the specialists in Residential Construction Lending, we can make owning a brand new home easy and affordable.

There are three key reasons that make NewBuild simply the best option to fund your new home

NewBuild allows for lower deposit than you might think for house and land -  all funded via a bank at competitive bank interest rates
You can afford the building period with NewBuild – no more paying rent and a mortgage at the same time while your home is being built 
NewBuild manages your loan for you both during the build and once you move in to ensure you are better protected and get the best advice along the way

You will love the convenience of a fully managed construction loan, taking much of the stress of building away, as well as the convenience of making no mortgage repayments until you move in. 

You may have a lower deposit and the banks simply don’t want to work with you; with NewBuild, that’s not a problem.

Even if you can secure a loan with your bank, can you have the confidence your personal bank has sufficient knowledge and experience required to confidently assist you through all the stages of a build?

So what should you do first? It’s our opinion that you should “never buy your toys until you know how big your sandpit is".  So first let’s find out just how much you can afford using our online affordability calculator, and then we can guide you through the journey to your new home.