7 Reasons to Build

Number 7 Seven reasons why you should consider building

7 Reasons to Consider Building a New  Home Today

1. We all aspire to own a brand new home

Just like we aspire to own a new car (remember the smell), so why not a new home? New homes are so much warmer and efficient to run and maintain – just like a new car

2. You get “next generation” technology

From better design to efficient heating and cooling, double glazing, pod flooring, far better installation, waterproofing to name a few

3. You can have exactly what you want

You don't need to buy someone else’s dreams, design, colours, carpet, to try to fit your family into

4. You’ll own a home with modern features

We've come a long way on design aesthetics and functionality, and newer designs are in demand, with ensuites, walk in wardrobes, kitchen scullery, office, guest bedroom, or whatever you want in your home

5. You’ll get the latest in building standards

Avoid the leaky home syndrome caused by incorrect building standards and regulations, unacceptable building materials or quality standards.  The building industry now requires professional builders and standards are better today than they have ever been, so don't risk older building-code homes that may no longer comply or survive the test of time

6. A better chance to grow capital

Unlike a new car that depreciates once you drive it off the showroom floor, you can realize capital gain when you build new. It’s hard to buy capital gain, but you can build it.

7. Your home should also be your investment

Your home should not only be a great place to live, it should also improve your financial position. Like all great investment decisions, buying right is critical.