As of 8 February 2016

Floating 5.85%
6 Months 4.85%
1 Year 4.39%
18 Months 4.49%
2 Years 4.49%
3 Years 4.75%
4 Years 5.15%
5 Years 5.25%
Different rates may apply for less than 20% deposit or equity (special rates may be withdrawn without notice) Additional NewBuild floating rate discount for construction loans. Cash contributions may also be offered for higher deposit customers

I cannot speak highly enough about the service received by Ian Webb and Monica Webb of Newbuild Home Finance Ltd.  Our construction loan application has been a difficult proposition from day one, and Ian never gave up on us!  It is so obvious how very knowledgeable, patient, caring and creative Ian is when it comes to helping his clients.  We are certain that we have given Ian quite a few grey hairs throughout the process, however it has been in our minds SO worthwhile!  We are now in such a secure position financially with a future that is looking very rosy.  We cannot thank Ian and Monica enough, and would HIGHLY recommend their services to others.  Big hugs, the Reid family

Aaron and Bonnie Reid
(Completed with A1 Homes)