As of 26 January 2015

Floating 6.75%
6 Months 5.80%
1 Year 5.99%
1 Year (>20 deposit) 5.59%
18 Months 6.09%
18 months (>20% deposit) 5.70%
2 Years 6.09%
2 Years (>20% deposit) 5.55%
3 Years 6.39%
3 Years (>20% deposit) 5.59%
4 Years 6.39%
4 Years (> 20% Deposit) 5.99%
5 Years 6.49%
NewBuild floating rate discount may Applies. Additional discounts may apply for new and existing customers with greater than 20% deposit or equity (may be withdrawn without notice)

My wife and I wanted to build a new home. We had never undertaken a house build before and heard lots of horror stories from friends about how it can all go wrong!

On the recommendation of our builder we contacted NewBuild to arrange our finance.

Our experience with New Build  from start to finish has been nothing but professional, friendly , helpful and on time.

On the last day when some paperwork hadn’t caught up with the house build NewBuild
helped to get over the last hurdle and get us into our new home.

A big thanks to Ian and the Team at NewBuild.
We will definitely be seeing you again when we do the next one!



Chris and Donna Evans
(Completed with Jenian Homes (Waikato))