How to choose your builder

2004 0822 Image0034 Selecting your Builder is Critical

Getting the right builder is critical to your success. If you get this wrong, building can become a terrible experience.

Choose a builder you are comfortable with, has a good reputation and is a good communicator. Building is like putting a huge jigsaw puzzle together…so many parts, some before others, some later. You need to be able to comfortably talk through your dream and tweak it along the way if its not going to plan.

Start with an honest builder

You are guaranteed to find an honest builder…sometimes at the start of your build when signing the build  contract,and sometimes at the completion of the build at final invoice.

Too many clients have chosen a builder solely on price, just to later find the price keeps going up. If you make your selection because of price alone, then you do run the risk of being disappointed.

Some builders will price the build contract low just to secure your business only to find ways to increase the price through variations with provisional cost sums to ensure they get their profit margin back. After you have committed and signed the build contract, it’s too late to do much.

Check references by talking to past clients of the builder you are considering. View homes they have completed.