Owner's Care Items

Completion-When-is-it-ok-to-take-possession1 What if you want to do a few items yourself?

Owner's Care is a reserve account specifically designed to cover items required to complete your home that are not included inside your build contract. Many builds become stressful because typically clients have to pay cash for work outside their contract, and the bank will still require the work be completed before final payment. You cannot use your deposit to pay for these items, but with NewBuild you may be able to build the cost of the items into your total funding.

Owner's Care typically include driveways and paths, generic landscape and fencing (if required) or even carpets.  They may not include structural works. The lender may want to sight the quotes, and may even pay these items directly upon invoice once the work is completed (please note that kitchen deposits should be paid by the client as the lender is generally unwilling to pay a deposit for work not yet in the house).